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“Precision engineered Silver Nanoparticles at affordable prices.”

What is Nanosilver?

Nanosilver, also known as colloidal silver or silver nanoparticles, are small pure silver metal particles that are being used in a wide range of existing and emerging applications due to their unique and amazing antibacterial, electrical and thermal conductivity, and catalytic properties. As nanoparticles, they range in size (diameter) from 1 to 100 nm and are generally dispersed in a liquid such as water with a stabilizing shell that acts as an emulsifier.


What’s unique about Dune Nanosilver?

Dune Sciences’ NS20D nanosilver is the most versatile, well-characterized, safest, and affordable precision-engineered silver nanoparticles on the market today.

Unlike the majority of nanosilver suppliers, all NS20D products are ultrapurified to remove impurities and unwanted reaction by-products so you know what you are getting every time.

NS20D precision engineered nanosilver has been exhaustively characterized using a wide range of analytical methods to ensure their purity, size, stability, toxicity, and compatibility with other chemicals.   We have extensively documented the properties of the particles in a wide variety of formulations and applications.

Stable for years in the original container. Not light sensitive.

Acute toxicity testing for dermal, oral, inhalation, eye irritation, skin irritation, and skin sensitization has confirmed that these particles have Category IV toxicity for all tests, which is the safest category assigned by the EPA to any material.

NS20D nanoparticles can be produced in wide range of stable concentrations – from <1 ppm up to an unprecedented >250,000 ppm (25 wt.% silver) in aqueous solutions that can be used to formulate new and/or improved products.   Also available as a solvent-free solid  that can be dispersed/dissolved in a variety of organic solvents or polymer melts.

Generic silver nanoparticles can be found from a number of other vendors, but you do not know what you are getting in terms of size, purity, or toxicity. Other vendors have well-characterized, precision-engineered silver nanoparticles that are extremely expensive. NS20D products fit in the middle where we have well-characterized particles at an affordable price for researchers and product developers.


Aqueous dispersions of ultrapurified NS20D nanosilver available in-stock at these concentrations: 20 ppm; 1000 ppm (0.1 wt.% Ag); 20,000 ppm (2 wt.% Ag); and 100,000 ppm (10 wt% Ag). Also available at 250,000 ppm Ag (25 wt.%) by special order.   Please contact us for pricing. Aqueous NS20D is packed in amber glass bottles for the 10, 100, and 1 L sizes, and polyethylene jugs or drums for larger quantities.

Dried NS20D Nanoparticles available in-stock in 1 mg Ag and 20 mg Ag aliquots. Dried particles produced from ultrapurified NS20D aqueous solutions. For larger quantities, please contact Dune Sciences, Inc. Dried particles are redispersible in both aqueous solutions as well as a variety of organic solvents.


Antimicrobial/antibacterial applications: for use in formulating coatings, incorporation into medical devices and therapies, topical treatment of skin disorders, infection control, etc. (Note these statements are not approved by the FDA nor EPA and are not intended to imply approval.)

Electronic applications: Silver nanoparticles are used in conductive inks and integrated into composites to enhance thermal and electrical conductivity.

Optical applications: Silver nanoparticles are used in plasmonic devices,

Catalytic applications:

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